Ben Shapiro makes his play

Alright, as I’ve told you many times, in a really fast and adenoidal voice, The Left uses fear and intimidation because they can’t win arguments, which is why I wrote a book about how to destroy The Left in arguments, so when you’re destroying them in arguments you’ll know it’s because you’re good at destroying them at arguments and not just because they can’t win arguments.

And as you know if you’ve read my books or listened to my podcasts, one of The Left’s classic fear and intimidation tactics is humor. It’s classic Left, classic Frankfurt School, classic Alinsky, community organizing, and Marxist-Leninism.

They get their friends in Hollywood, which I’ve also written a book about, to make up so-called jokes, sketches, screenplays and comedy routines to make ordinary Americans like Brett Kavanaugh look like monsters when they’re just having a good time, liking beer and playing around with females who are so brainwashed by Leninist-Marxism that they don’t understand what real humor is and think being held down against their will on a bed with a hand over their mouth isn’t funny, though if you ask any normal man they’ll tell you it’s classic American comedy, like The Three Stooges.

And it’s not just the Trotskyite-Gramscian-Maxism humor cadres of The Left that brought us to this state of affairs. It’s also their obsession with sex which guess what, I’ve written a book about that too: Sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage, sex between members of the same sex, sex with multiple partners, sex in the ivory tower, sex with people who think they’re women but really aren’t but say they are and this is how you get Trump. Real Americans know that real sex is something spiritual and very specific and the man is always on top, and I mean a real man, one who has proven himself in campus debates and who does Crossfit.

And now The Left is combining its Marxist-Critical Theory weaponized humor and its Gramscian-Alinskyite obsession with sex and trying to attack me with humor-Marxism just because I recently expressed my admiration for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist flavor-of-the-month who was just sworn in a Congressgal from New York.

The Left has been trying to get between Alexandria and me for a long time. As with Brett Kavanaugh, my totally respectful gesture in offering to debate her with the proceeds to go to charity was misinterpreted in such a way as to try and make me look foolish. And to my great disappointment Alexandria went along with the mob, saying I was “catcalling” her, which I would never do, because I understand it’s yelling at women in the street for sexual gratification purposes, which is totally not my thing at all, listen to my voice on this podcast, I’d be a totally bad catcaller. But she and The Left, who are the real sex maniacs as Harvey Weinstein proves, made it into something dirty and sexual. It makes you wonder whether Alexandria wanted that kind of attention, whether she wanted me to catcall her. Well, I wouldn’t, because I respect her too much.

Now there’s this video of her dancing on a rooftop when she was in college. There’s a lot about the video I don’t approve of. For one thing she’s wearing a tight t-shirt and her dancing is highly sexualized. Look at the wild, abandoned spinning she does at 0:10; if you slow the video down and run it through a few filtering devices media professionals use, you can see her breasts straining her shirt. You know she has to be aware of this. Also note the submissive kneeling posture she adopts at about 0:27. It’s amazing how pornography has affected the behavior of so many young people, particularly minority young people, like Alexandria pretends to be.

I’ve been tough on Alexandria — for example, accusing her of anti-Semitism because she hangs out with Arabs. But that’s how I treat people I respect — I accuse them of anti-Semitism, but in an indirect way, not directly like I would someone I didn’t respect like, for example, a Muslim. So I’m reaching out to you, Alexandria — don’t give in to the Marxist-Soros-Gramscian-Albigensian mob; accept my gesture as it was meant: As me comparing you in a totally flattering way to that hagged-out old bitch Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. Maybe we can have coffee and talk about your ridiculous ideas — or, if you find it more respectful, dinner and drinks. Maybe I can show you some Crossfit moves, and you can show me how to dance. Just remember, if you choose to remain bitchy, this is how you got Trump.