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More gibberish aimed at your senile old man

More missives that supply Gramps with his brain poison!

Clinton Appointed Judge Orders President Trump to Turn Over Taxes for past 8 Years

What’s weird about this one is, it contains an acknowledgement, however twisted, of objective reality.

A judge that was appointed by Bill Clinton has ordered President Trump to turn over 8 years of tax returns, ostensibly over an investigation into the paying off of Stormy Daniels. Making such a payment is not illegal and even if it was, it would not require 8 years of tax forms.

Interesting thesis, counselor! (Or “steven,” as he is bylined at Patriot Nation Press.) But not supported by anything at all. Also, “steven” neglects to tell his readers that judges appointed by Republicans have ruled against Trump as well, and a large part of his article was cribbed from Reuters without attribution — check “the decision by, U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in Manhattan, further complicates Trump’s battle to keep his finances under wraps” in Google. Wingnut-wise, it’s really the whole package.

Obama Flies Off The Handle, Makes TOTAL ASS Of Himself In Public

Now here’s one the lying MSM never told you about!

There’s a story floating around the internet that claims Obama was witnessed making an ass of himself in Public.

OK, you have my willing suspension of disbelief.

A woman who was standing in line told the Washington Examiner...

The Washington Examiner, home of Byron York and Timothy P. Carney! This is credibility squared. But when you look up the things Woman Standing in Line allegedly told the Examiner online (“HE WAS LIKE A LITTLE KID. HE STOMPED AROUND DEMANDING WE ALL GET OUT OF HIS WAY”), you find lots of other Gramps-poisoning sites, but nothing from the Examiner.

Nonetheless, reporter “Emmanuel” cooly analyzes the situation:

He still thinks everybody is supposed to bow down to him. I bet those Secret Service guys can’t stomach him.

Everyone know’s they’re all white!

That’s not the first hissy-fit he’s thrown, probably won’t be the last.

Were I “Emmanuel” — well, I’d blow my brains out, but were I merely advising “Emmanuel” I’d have him demand his editors stop cutting the evidence of Obama’s hissy-fits from the stories — they make this distinguished journalist look unserious.

Evil Grandma Kills …What She Did With the Bodies Will Make You Cringe

Oh yeah, I don’t often mention it but rightwing bottom-feeder sites love to run gross stories like this Russian cannibal thing (“I cannot imagine the horror of finding out that you have eaten human flesh”) because they know how Gramps perks up at them. In this case they add, however ineptly, a bit of humor (“Pass the George, please”), because it’s foreign and weird; but whenever they have a stateside story about Young Punks Who Think They’re Above The Law, they lean on the vengeance angle — e.g., “WATCH: He Shined A Laser Pointer At A Helicopter. He QUICKLY Realized How Big A Mistake It Was,” “Pissy, Whining Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended For Refusing To Serve Alcohol,” “WOMAN WHO CALLED FOR ASSASSINATION OF DONALD TRUMP RECEIVED THIS DOSE OF EPIC KARMA,” etc. These are perfect for old white men who think the world has gone mad what with the Muslims and the blacks and the he-shes, why their own nephew or grandson or neighbor’s boy said Trump Sucks and Gramps said watch your mouth punk and the kid just laughed. Well wait’ll Trump really gets going, that little shit will get his dose of EPIC KARMA! At this point the prospect of this may be all that’s keeping Grandpa alive.