Vice Versa

Another debate between a decent person and a stinking piece of shit

“Jesus, protect me from the dark sorceress.”

From notes:

I’m already regretting this. And I certainly regret this set-up. I don’t mean the Plexiglas. I mean the seating arrangement. They look like they're auditioning to be anchorpersons.

Pence is accustomed to being white and stiff and getting over solely on that basis. His description of the Trump COVID debacle as the “greatest mobilization since World War II” is frankly comical, and I appreciate that at this early stage Harris is willing to show that she is aware of the absurdity.

Pence on Harris’ criticism of said debacle: “When you say what the American people have done hasn’t worked...” I wonder if anyone is dumb enough to buy this who hasn’t bought it already. Likewise his Obama-blame-shifting, “if the Swine Flu were as deadly as COVID-19” shtick — yeah, and if my uncle had tits he’d be my aunt.

When asked about Trump’s super-spreader Rose Garden event, Pence again starts “the American people have demonstrated...” and shortly thereafter goes to “the President and I trust the American People...” This is apparently the NLP he was instructed to lean on. (Update: He soon abandoned it for the most part as, apparently, the fly on his hair-helmet instructed him to concentrate more on other wingnut bullshit.) Speaking of The American People, gesturing toward the camera is Harris’ version of this. (Both hands, like she’s trying to pull you into the light!) That’s obnoxious, too, but at least it’s just a gesture, unlike Pence’s chesty see-here-young-lady voice. (I do like Harris’ stunt of referring to Biden as “Joe” rather than by his full name or title. Sounds a mite homey.)

Pence lying that we’ll have a COVID vaccine in an “unheard of time” is very Trumpian. “Your continuous undermining” is also straight out of the GOP sexism lab. Well, I guess you go with the Hillary you have.

I like that Pence tried some bullshit civility stuff and Harris came right back with yeah, Biden’s health records are out there now where the fuck are Trump’s tax records, bitch.

I haven’t had to look at his face in a long time and I’m kinda rattled by how it looks like some kind of pale putty into which someone has pressed doll’s eyes and made a few knife strokes.

Moderator asks, “Would raising taxes put the economy at risk” — LOL I wish Harris could let rip here, but given that no one in American politics is allowed to say they’ll raise taxes even on kazillionaires, at least Harris reminded us that Trump’s a patsy for the rich.

It’s amazing that Pence is bragging on Trump’s economy. It’s amazing that anyone tries to do that. Take a fucking look around! In the same area, I don’t see how anyone, even a Republican, can believe Pence or any Republican when they say they care about the environment. Ditto“Donald Trump not only respects but reveres our soldiers” — again, there are so many things Holy Mike has said tonight that I can’t believe even Republicans believe. Why don’t they just go “pass” when these subjects come up and wait for it to blow over? I am too childish-foolish for this world.

Gasp! Kamala Harris voted against the USMCA! I guess that’s gonna convince Joe Sixpack. “Honey, did you know about this?”

It’s great that Harris uses specifics e.g.: the Pew poll of nations. Telling the audience that other nations respect Xi more than Trump makes a great point. Sure, you and I know about this, but for a lot of viewers this is news. And it probably doesn’t make them feel good about Trump.

I would have just ignored that Kayla Mueller thing, and I gotta give Harris credit for expressing her regrets to her family (face to face, I assume; I understand Pence is pulling the same “bring people to the debate who hate my opponent” bullshit as Trump does) before smacking Pence down on the soldier bounties. That’s balls, folks.

It’s interesting that Pence only devotes a couple of seconds to his deep, passionately-held anti-abortion beliefs.

Pence: The American People “cherish” the Supreme Court — since when, one wonders — and that’s why he demands to know (on behalf of the “American People”) whether Biden will pack the court. Harris’ point about Trump already “packing” the court with white people was great — especially since she made that point in a way that didn’t sound as rough as I would have. I guess as a black woman she’s had practice.

Mike Pence did the usual bullshit on Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and of course moved seamlessly to “rioters and looters” (he had a stooge in the audience for that, too). But trying to hit Harris for being a cop — well, I know that crud works with shit-posters and Michael Tracey, but we’re talking about real people here.

This kid who sent a “ooh why don’t the mean politicians talk nice to each other” message to the moderator is, as Homey Claus used to say, a ignorant little fool. Holy Mike took the opportunity to show everyone how nice he is by talking about the friendship of Scalia and RBG, cootchie coo. Harris cleverly did a speech on how Joe Biden will deliver that comity the kid says she wants.

I gotta say, this is one of those occasions where I’m afraid to assume normal people are still normal — so much has happened to shake my faith — but no normal person could have seen this and come away thinking Harris can’t do the Big Job. They may come away staying as racist and sexist as they were coming in, which is what the Republicans are obviously counting on. We’ll see soon enough if it worked.