Your lying eyes

Conservatives are trying to pull a fast one, again

You may have noticed there was another leak of the “strange new respect” gas that primarily affects mainstream reporters, who in their delirium announced Trump was now serious about coronavirus:

What obviously happened was one of the creditors who own Trump said LISTEN ASSHOLE FOCUS OR WE KILL YOUR PRETTY GIRL and told him to prepare America to accept hundreds of thousands dead of coronavirus as a small price to pay for his terrific leadership.

Meanwhile the wingnut propaganda squads set about spreading the message that everything you have been seeing with your own eyes for the past four to six weeks — Trump going on TV to dismiss coronavirus as something that would blow over momentarily, and Democrats’ insistence that the threat was real (going back to January!) and demanding that he act to stop it as “their new hoax” — was in fact the reverse of reality, and that Trump had been fighting tirelessly to stop the virus for months and in fact it was Democrats who were downplaying the threat.

The top boys are supporting this story by recycling old TV clips of Democrats counseling against panic without regard for when they said it or in what context (BTW including de Blasio and Pelosi saying “go to Chinatown” was a nice racist touch, Johnson should be getting a bonus for that):

If you're wondering why you’ve never seen the footage of Trump running through the streets like Kevin McCarthy in Invasion of the Body Snatchers crying DON’T LISTEN TO DE BLASIO! CORONAVIRUS IS DEADLY SERIOUS AND THE ONLY REASON I'M DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT IS BECAUSE IMPEACHMENT SAPPED MY STRENGTH LIKE MITCH McCONNELL SAYS! it’s obviously because the liberal media spiked it.

(Of course you can never entirely dismiss the possibility that they'll hold Senate hearings anyway because, well, they are what they are.)

Meanwhile the lower orders — amateur operatives probably hoping Big Daddy will peek through the clouds and notice them doing his bidding — went around Twitter arguing inanities like “Everyone was calling it the common flu. Including the media and Dems” and mass-reproducing this collage of health-news headlines you see at the top of this post, which was apparently handed out in Reddit and other troll schools, as evidence of whatever bad thing they were trying to make you think the Democrats did.

To sum up: in case you haven’t noticed, these guys have activated an especially outrageous propaganda campaign to make it look as if Trump has been on top of the virus situation for months and the Democrats have been thwarting him — in other words, not only the absolute opposite of objective reality, but also the opposite of what a lot of them were claiming just a few weeks ago.

Please remember as you hang tight to reality against this tidal wave of bullshit that you’re not just doing it for this country, which frankly doesn’t deserve it, but to save your own sanity in a world gone mad.