Are you smart? Do you like to laugh at smart-people jokes?

Consider your prejudices flattered! According to the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale, Roy Edroso writes humor at a college baccalaureate level. That’s just smart enough that you can feel smug about enjoying it, while still being actually funny.

Do you know who Roy Edroso is? Well, let us tell you, he is a big deal.

Roy Edroso played in punk rock bands and worked stupid jobs for years, not because as an unskilled laborer he had to, but solely to generate the cred and bitterness in which his prose needed to marinate before it became salty and tart enough for the pages of New York’s Village Voice.

For more than a decade Edroso’s columns, blogging and reportage at the Voice won international acclaim and a loyal and derisive following. He jumped the gun on publication of Sarah Palin’s memoirs with some “hot excerpts” (“people were cheering and waving flags like I was Clay Aiken”), interviewed Andrew Breitbart and Bill Maher, and reported on the conservatives whose idiotic ideas became the template for Donald Trump’s presidency.

Then some rich asshole bought the Voice, quickly lost interest, and shitcanned it in August 2018. Edroso’s work continues in this newsletter.

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Roy Edroso will produce something new for you every day, excluding weekends. That may not sound like such a big deal, but you must remember that for geniuses like Roy, just getting out of bed in the afternoon is a struggle, putting pen to paper is an imposition, and actually finishing a column, letting his minder edit out the slanders, and putting it into a content management system is such agony that it takes three “editorial assistants” to ease him into his task. But for subscribers like you he will make the sacrifice. That’s how serious he is about this newsletter!

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