A plea from a free-speech warrior

Old Ham-Face bids you support his crusade

© 2011 Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license

Friends, I have told you many times how Big Tech is conspiring against me, trying to prevent me from exercising my Constitutional freedom of speech on the internet. There is no question that this suppression of my freedom has gotten worse in the Biden Era.

Even under Obama I was allowed to show that I had shot New York Times full of holes with my rifle as a tribute to my freedom of speech. I was even able to go on Fox News afterwards and tell other free speech warriors. “I hope everyone will join me in posting pictures of bullet holes in the New York Times editorial. Send them your response.  You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at @ewerickson.”

But already there were rumblings of the great Wave of Wokeness that threatens to flood our fundamental liberties. The woke commissars mocked and belittled me for my display of free speech. Gawker, for instance, called me a “Right-Wing Gun Idolator,” and also “fat.” Even then the liberal speech police were bullying me with their censorious laughter!

But we showed Gawker when that great advocate of free speech Peter Thiel sued them into oblivion. As a great man once said, sic semper tyrannis!

Now I am not only being targeted by the woke mob — or “Woke-o Haram,” the name for them that I invented and keep trying to make trend and which would be trending if it weren’t shadow-banned or something by Big Tech — I have been banned from Twitter. And why? For simply telling the truth that repulsive he-shes like Bruce I’ll-never-call-him-Caitlyn Jenner are men, not women as they insist.

Time was I could go anywhere, to any bar or restaurant, or anyone’s house or social media platform whether or not they wanted me there, and scream to the rafters that trannies are disgusting freaks of nature and I don’t care if those freaks are your friends and relatives, that just means you are also disgusting for liking and being related to them, and if you don’t like it too bad, I’m just going to keep saying it no matter what the communist so-called “terms of service” say.

And for this I was thrown off Twitter. Sic semper trannies!

At times like this, when brave free speech warriors such as me fall before the onslaught of the woke communist transgender forces, we need every true patriot to do his duty to God and his country, and subscribe to my newsletter. Every dollar goes to show the woke that nothing can stop us from telling the truth no matter how “bigoted” or “insulting” or “in violation of our terms of service” they call us!

While I am internally debating whether or not to remove the so-called offensive tweet that got me banned from Twitter, follow me on Bunkr, the new social media platform for patriots who are so tired of woke commissars and Big Tech calling them Nazis that they like to tweet Nazi propaganda at one another As A Joke and to Own The Libs. Find me there as Erick-IronCross Erickson. To Freedom!