All ye beasts of the field, come to devour

Get in touch with the animal within


The Deep State is panicked — you can tell by their last-ditch effort to get you to submit to their Satanic soy-and-microchip injections by claiming their “Food & Drug Administration” — which, search the Constitution top to bottom, you won’t find a word about — has given their “full” “approval” to the Pfizer “vaccine.”

Millions of lost souls have already submitted. We are the last hold-outs — the ones who will repopulate the United States when the others have been claimed by the Dark Lord.

But this is a time of testing. Do not think you are entirely immune to the brainwaves, microwaves, and indoctrination the Deep State has used to bamboozle your friends, relatives, sweethearts, employers, and your kids’ schoolteachers. Many of you are experiencing symptoms of illnesses — possibly natural, normal, healthy illnesses that all normal people used get but which the Deep State keeps the sheeple from contracting with their Face Diapers as an insidious form of health propaganda, to make them think that we are actually the sick ones; possibly bio-engineered viruses purposely spread by contaminating agents, like the checks Commissar Biden sent under the guise of “relief” which could easily have been seeded with robo-germs.

And when you get sick, the Deep State, knowing you are weak in that moment, will whisper in your ear: Come take our magic medications, our vaccines, our antidepressants, our insulin — take them and be like us!

Forbid it, almighty God! Friends, there is no need to take their phony medicines — when all the real medicine you need is down at your local veterinarian’s office.  

You’ve heard about the Ivermectin cure with which patriots have so successfully battled back from so-called “COVID19,” and seen how in their panic the Deep State have once again sent their “FDA” to “warn” you of its “side-effects” — that is, the purgative and emetic reactions that in reality prove it’s working.

That was a sign — as clear a sign as Noah’s rainbow — that the Lord wants us to stop taking the “human” medicine the Deep State is pushing, and only take pure, natural, unadulterated animal medicine.

Think of the difference between your doctor’s office and your vet’s office. The doctor’s office is cold, full of fancy talk and high prices — while the vet’s office is warm, friendly, full of beautiful dogs, sheep, horses, and cows and run by a doctor doesn’t try any Latin on you, and, unlike sissy city doctors, isn’t afraid to get scratched and bit.

Humans have been taking animal medicine for years, for all kinds of reasons. You know the DMSO your body-builder friends in the Proud Boys use to cool down their muscles after a training session? It’s an anti-inflammatory for horses — but doesn’t it make sense that it’s also good for the “stallions” of our movement?

And while liberals scoff that the Ivermectin many of us are taking is a “de-wormer,” it’s a fact that the livestock deworming drug levamisole has been used for years to cut cocaine — and a friend “in the know” assures me that it’s the levamisole as much as, if not more than, the cocaine that keeps those users so energized! And unlike cocaine, levamisole is non-habit-forming.

There’s literally nothing you need in the way of cures, treatments, and tonics that you can’t get from animal medicine. Fighting a bacterial infection? Forget high-priced amoxicillin and take Enrotex Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Bird Supplement that comes in convenient powder form, which makes it easier to give to infants. Got arthritis? Phenylbutazone is good for your dog and good for you. Daughter knocked up? LutaLyse takes care of it in pigs and it’ll take care of it in her. (Tell her so and maybe she’ll get the hint and mind you next time!)

Let the sheeple feed at the trough of phony “science” while we prosper and grow strong from the simple remedies down at the feed store. Wolverines!