By any means necessary

In the last ditch conservatives try the old "leftists hate Jews" trick

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, via.

As we know, the Republican Party and the conservative movement are both led by an obviously racist (keeping POC out of his buildings as landlord, the Central Park Five, “shithole countries,” etc. ad infinitum), and the large infusion of non-white-male Democratic Representatives into the House of Representatives has all but the dumbest of that bunch sweating bullets about the future of their party/ movement/ criminal conspiracy — especially with the young kids coming up looking every bit as unRepublican and lefty as the Millennials they will follow into voting booths and leadership.

This anxiety got a little more pumped up last week when another prominent, longtime GOP/conservative racist, Iowa Congressman and Trump fan Steve King, made things a little too obvious (which, given the curve, is remarkable — it’s like he wanted to get caught!) when he asked just when exactly it became offensive to say you believed in white supremacy.

Republicans and conservatives rushed to condemn their onetime pal and to sputter, who could have known? But these guys ain’t dumb; they know they can’t just react. So their routine for the moment is talk about how liberals are anti-Semites.

You’d think the anti-Semitism thing would be too rich even for them, coming just three months after a stop-white-genocide freak shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh, if you hadn’t figured out that conservatives dropped shame out the pod bay doors decades ago.

A big theme is the Women’s March, which is supposed to do another round this weekend. For weeks I’ve been hearing that Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, two of the March’s organizers, are fans of Farrakhan and have stipulated to some of his Jew-hating ideas. (Sarsour and Mallory deny the latter of these accusations.)

I’ve never been too bothered by the Farrakhan thing because, one, I lived many years in New York, and to me the NOI guys are like the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Salvation Army — street nuisances I’ve learned to block out; two, Farrakhan is kinda like Marcus Garvey at this point — a historical figure whose real-life impact is very limited, certainly as compared with that of a U.S. Congressman — and three, big shit that a couple people in March management said something nice about Farrakhan — it’s not like management of white American companies aren’t totally infiltrated with racists, anti-Semites, Klansmen, etc.

Same goes for all the shit about Jeremy Corbyn. So he likes the Palestinians? He went to one of their memorials? Huh, interesting. You know, Ronald Reagan laid a wreath on the graves of FUCKING HITLER’S WAFFEN SS. If you want to extend this logic and argue that, as Corbyn is an anti-Semite, so Reagan was a Nazi, I’m all ears.

Anyway a bunch of rabbis met with and cleared Sarsour and Mallory, but neither of them is approved by the rightwing American Jews who are always bitching that their co-religionists are creed-traitors because they don’t vote Republican (here, read Dennis Prager doing the Jewish version of Dinesh D’Souza at National Review. Note giant Soros pic!), so I guess it doesn’t count.

New York Times theocon columnist Ross Douthat has gotten the memo, as is obvious in his headline:

Racists to the Right, Anti-Semites to the Left

Douthat admits there’s some racism on the right, but he hears “reports that anti-Semitic canards were aired at [Women's March] organizing meetings,” and that Corbyn has “an anti-Semitism problem,” so Bothsides. Then he tries to associate these super-vague descriptions of alleged leftist sins with Michael Moore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, basically by inserting their names amidst his slurs.

The lesser lights of the movement are doing what they can. “Democrats don’t want to hear Rashida Tlaib’s anti-Semitic dog whistle,” sobs Tiana Lowe at the Washington Examiner. This is because new Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib — whom Lowe attributes to Minnesota, probably because they too have a Mooslim lady Congressman — came out against the Marco Rubio-sponsored “Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act,” a monstrosity that authorizes states to punish companies that boycott Israel for its treatment of Palestinians, and has not only been opposed by the ACLU but couldn’t even get out of the Republican Senate.

Here’s what Tlaib said:

Guess which part Lowe focused on and took completely and obviously out of context?

They forgot what country they represent. That's code for Jews and their alleged dual loyalties.

Shockingly, media watchdogs and champions of racial justice have maintained utter silence in the face of Tlaib's dog whistle, an anti-Semitic trope at least as old as the Persian Empire.

Lowe also declares Tlaib “the first member of Congress to openly call for the eradication of Israel” — an amazing smear which correlates with nothing the Congresswoman has said, and which I have to suppose is based on the rightwing ragegasm at her for acknowledging the existence of Palestine on a map.

Tlaib is young, female, and Muslim, so you can imagine the level of motivation she represents for a wingnut shit-stirrer who hopes a little race war will vitiate the coming conservative cataclysm. And why not? Look at the past fifty years of Republican politics: Race war’s been their best bet. They just have to expand their franchise.