It's a pogrom!

The eternal Bari Weiss column

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No matter what the woke mob says, I still enjoy the works of Woody Allen. Bret Stephens and I were just reminiscing about how funny we found the bit in Annie Hall where Allen claims he was Jew-baited by an executive from NBC who asked him a question Allen insists was “Jew eat?”

A simpler time indeed. For one thing, we know now that NBC, like all TV networks, is packed with woke young executives who, like woke young executives in every industry, have no love for the Jewish people — and that goes for the Jewish ones, too. Alas, one cannot be so sure anymore that the man who seems to say “Did you eat?” isn’t actually trying to put over a slur on my people. That is how quickly things have progressed from the balky dial-up anti-Semitism of the Bush years to the fiber optic, 2,000mbps anti-Semitism of the Biden regime.

It seems to be everywhere these days. Polls of young Jewish people (not counting the woke ones) show it and so do FBI hate crime statistics. And though I haven’t seen the figures I am sure that these offenses against the Jewish people are pretty evenly divided between the woke mob and right-wing white nationalists.

On the one hand, you have the Tree of Life massacre, the alt-right posters who recirculate anti-Semitic tropes and caricatures, the people who put multiple parentheses around Jewish names, and the rise of a global neo-Nazi movement that flaunts swastikas and openly calls for the extermination of the Jews. On the other hand, you have woke mob cancel culture people who claim that Jews are too white to be oppressed.

Don’t believe it? It happens to me all the time! I wish I could show you my inbox. In these messages I recognize the syntax and prose styles of the woke cancel culture mob. Also, have you ever noticed what kind of people have “Free Palestine” bumper stickers on their Prius — a classic sign of Jew hatred? Do I even have to say it? The Trump voter who thinks the religion to which I belong (though really it’s more of a cultural thing with me) is heresy and thinks Israel is the launch pad for Armageddon still knows that Bibi Netanyahu is a great man and that’s what matters.

In fact, I hate to admit it, but these days when I walk down a dark alley and hear footsteps behind me, I’m relieved when it turns out to be a skinhead with a swastika t-shirt and not an antifa woke cancel intersectional mob culture person. With the skinhead I might be stabbed, but at least it won’t be the sort of back-stabbing one gets from the 1619 post-colonial neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter mob woke culture that I experienced in that great 41st Street pogrom called the New York Times, where wokity-woke post-modern avant-garde mobwoke canturecultcel liberals hit me with verbal anti-Semitic fists cloaked in the velvet gloves of mean girl jokes and disrespectful Slack channel discussions.

Yet I soldier on, following in the footsteps of Judith, the Maccabees, the Irgun, and David Horowitz, to hold a lamp unto the world to show that no matter how many cancelwokensteins accost me with “Jew eat?” and worse, I will show all those dumb bitches at the Times. Shalom!