Message from the John Bitch Society

Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!

Fellow Patriots,

Since my last message I have heard from many of you who are in despair and troubled.

Yes, you tell me, Now and Forever President Trump was again gloriously acquitted of the false charges of the Socialist Democrats, but what of that? The sheeple still have not risen up to restore him to the Throne; they still follow Fake President Sleepy Joe Biden, who is under the control of the Socialist Democrats who are using his usurped power to send Islamic Mexicans to rape our daughters and social justice warriors to turn our sons gay and even trans. What is worse, you say, the Insolent Negress Slut still holds the Vice Presidency and, should Fake President Sleepy Joe recover his wits and attempt to be “moderate,” she will cut his throat in the act of sex, and with the Socialist Democrats unleash the Dusky Hordes upon us, and make us walk on the flag and learn Critical Race Theory.

Many of you have asked me, what is to be done? Even the progress our electeds are making in Caucasifying the vote by the eliminating the favored voting methods of the Dusky Hordes does not encourage you, because you fear it may not be enough to overcome the brainwashing of the Sheeple by Social Media and the Disney Channel. By the midterms, you say, our daughters will be raped into Islamic Mexican submission and our sons will be Twinkified by Ru Paul, Chrissy Teigen, and the Female Orgasm. Maybe, you say, we should all just move to Idaho and retreat to our Survivalist Treehouses, where we can at least have all the guns we want, beat our children, and kidnap and eat hitchhikers and revenooers as the Founders intended.

Fools! say I. There is no need to go to Idaho. Idaho could not hold us all, for we are the Silent Majority. Do you forget that Now and Forever President Trump won every state in a landslide? Even the so-called blue states went for Trump, but the Fake News lied to grease the way for Fake President Sleepy Joe Biden, and the cowards of the Deep State and the Rigged Courts and the Treason Military refused to do their duty and allowed the fraud to stand.

Do you not remember that the polls that make you think Fake President Sleepy Joe Biden is more popular than Now and Forever President Trump are Rigged, as they have been in every election that the Socialist Democrats “won”? Do you not remember that anything that makes it look as if we are losing or that makes us look bad is a lie cooked up by George Soros and the Rothschilds — like the myth that we’re anti-Semitic?

Remember: When the Fake News and the Rothschilds tell you that Gina Carano’s posts were anti-Semitic merely because they feature a bunch of money-grubbing hook-nosed men and the ghosts of a famous banking family that Eugene Volokh says don’t look Jewish to him at all, you know is the opposite is true — that Gina Carano, like all conservatives, hates Soros and the Rothschilds and loves Bibi Netanyahu, which is the opposite of anti-Semitism!

Similarly, when the sheeple tell you it was terrible thing that we tried to enforce the Will of the People at the Capitol on January 6, because “we” “killed” Officer Brian Sicknick, remember that, as Andrew C. McCarthy says, we obviously did not kill Brian Sicknick because they don’t have footage of it — he probably tripped on a shoelace and hit his head, and Patriots tried to help him up, but he said “don’t touch me, you stupid Patriots!” and God killed him and he died. In fact we don’t even know that Sicknick is dead! Did you look in his casket? It could have been full of bricks or old newspapers! You know the Fake News and the Rothschilds and the Socialist Democrats will lie about anything — so why wouldn’t they lie about everything?

You must remember, My Fellow Patriots, that whatever you see and hear on TV, on the internet, or in real life, either proves that we are God's Chosen or it is a lie. Like our Puritan forebears we are saved by grace and not by works, which means we are always right. The Sheeple do not see that, but at our next gathering on March 4th they will see it; in fact the Sheeple themselves will see the light and restore Now and Forever President Trump to his throne — and if they do not, you can be sure whatever so-called “violence” and “murder” you see will either be faked by the Fake News like the Moon Landing and the death of JFK Jr., or it will be the fault of someone else.

Courage, My Fellow Patriots — so long as you only believe your eyes and ears when they say that you are right, victory will be here sooner than you know!