The A-hole-Word

Anti-Wokester Condemns Condemnation of Free Speech Bigot

Thanks for the inspo, Ham-Face.

As a conservative I have mixed feeling about the National Football League. On the one hand, football is the manliest of sports with lots of physical contact — so much so that after several seasons a lot of players’ brains turn into harmless goo. While we mourn their loss, let us remember that chronic traumatic encephalopathy, like COVID-19, teaches us something valuable about football and capitalism: Without losers, how can we know who won?

On the other hand, the NFL has also allowed itself to be infected by wokeism. They have permitted players to “take a knee” during the National Anthem, and other displays of politically correct cancel culture critical race theory. Now they may have gone too far by firing St. Louis Bobcats head coach Deke Sundown for what the Bobcats’ front office, no doubt under duress from the woke commissars of the NFL, called “a veritable library of offensive emails, texts, letters, and videos” he allegedly sent over the years to people who, apparently, don’t know how to take a joke.

Sundown is what we used to call a “man’s man” in the days before cancel culture took over everything A man like that works hard and plays hard, and he will sometimes express himself in ways that the oh-so-woke snowflakes might find offensive. But what red-blooded man among us has not used the “n” word, the “p” word, the “s” word, the other “s” word, the “f” word (I mean the one they use on gays — it figures that the wokesters don’t care about the bad “f” word!), the “m” word, the “q” word (though the word was used in the title of a popular TV show from 15 years ago so in my opinion it shouldn’t count), the “c” word, the other “c” word, the other “s” word that the “c” word reminded me of, a “c” word that’s more racist than sexist and a “c” word I didn’t know existed, and so on?

We may not have used these words “thousands of times,” as the Bobcats say Sundown did, or in “disturbing combinations,” as when he called former television journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault a “(c-word)ing (n-word) (b-word) who can (s-word) my (d-word) while I take a (other-s-word).” Or maybe we did! We’re not always keeping track of every little thing we say like the snowflake p-word Left.

(By the way, I want to mention that when I say “what red-blooded man among us” and other things like that, please note that I am not necessarily talking about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the most butch conservative radio hosts out there, and I do get pretty salty and even “blue” when the mic is off, but I try to do so in a way that is not offensive to anyone, and that’s because I follow the risen Lord Jesus Christ, not because I am a p-word.)

I do disapprove of the videos Sundown allegedly made as they are described in the papers, but more because they show Sundown engaged in sexual acts with several women who are not his wife, and not so much because of all the n-, c-, f-, m-, and other words he used to describe what he would like to do to Charlayne Hunter-Gault (though insofar as these describe sex acts, and not acts of violence, I must as a Christian deplore them).

But a simple heartfelt apology and, after a decent interval, well-publicized conversion to fundamentalist Christianity should be enough to wash the slate clean; now that we let every n-word and c-word determine what the proper punishment should be, there’s never an end to it.

The real lesson of this sorry incident is that cancel culture is out of control and wokesters are hypocrites. Did you hear that the woke comic book company DC is going to make Superboy, or Superman Jr. or Son of Superman or whatever he is, gay? The critical woke theory people think it’s quite rad. But how can you criticize Deke Sundown for just saying some words that happened to offend some touchy minorities, while at the same time applauding gay sex in a comic book where little children can see it? What about the normal American boy from the heartland who brings the coins he made doing chores for his folks to the corner sweet shop, hoping only for some innocent thrills, but when he goes to the racks, in between Blackhawk and Rip Hunter Time Master he finds a superhero kissing a man?

When normal, non-prefix-lettered Americans are offended, the wokesters scoff, yet they expect us to sacrifice great men like Sundown on the altar of political correctness. Well, I can feel in my bones this country is ready for a backlash against PC DC and all the wokesters, maybe even a civil war. I’m doing my bit by only buying Archie Comics from now on. With Midge and Moose and Dilbert and the gang, they’re not the only kids on the block with a “Universe” of their own! Tomorrow I plan to pick up a new Archie title I’ve heard about: Archie’s Pal Kevin Keller. Let the wokesters know we’ll be spending our time and money with people who respect our values.