The ultimate free speech platform

Draw the line at nothing!

Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

You’re a normal patriotic American who’s tired of taking B.S. from the woke mob. But what can you do about it? You could beat up some liberals or run over protestors with your car, but there’s always a chance some left-wing judge will give you a hard time. That’s what’s great about the internet — it lets you own the libs without sticking your neck out.

At least that’s how it used to be. But then woke tech companies bowed to the transsexuals and socialists and made Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram conservative-free zones. You can get banned now just for telling simple truths — that Bruce Jenner is a man, that Trump won the election, that COVID vaccines are full of microchips.

Sure, you can get on Gab, Parler, GETTR and other social media platforms that let you tell the truth about government conspiracies. But even these platforms hassle you if you go “too far” — which could mean anything from making what these platforms consider “death threats” to posting innocent family photos they consider “child pornography.”

Wouldn’t you like to go to a place where you’re really free — where you can say what you really feel, the way you want to say it?

Welcome to Bunkr — where nothing is forbidden and everything is permitted ™.

Think Biden, Fauci, Kamala Harris and the rest of them should be tortured and murdered? Think their kids should be tortured and murdered? Other platforms will put you in a time-out if you speak your truth — but Bunkr will not only leave you free to say it, at whatever length and in as much detail as you want, but it will also help you meet other patriots who feel the same way, and with whom you can share ideas.

Other platforms are okay with you being a conservative. But how many of them will let you praise ISIS? GETTR has ISIS users, but when the Lame Stream Media bugs them about it, they act embarrassed by them. At Bunkr, you can make jihad all day long and no one will put you down. And you’ll be able to find other jihadis will whom you can make exciting real-life plans, and Bunkr won’t rat you out to the authorities. 

And as for the biggest taboo of all, the one that no other social media platform will allow, Bunkr is proud to say it not only allows Nazi users, Nazi literature (including some really spicy Protocols!), and Nazi imagery — it also has a Nazi channel called The Eagle’s Nest that’s twice as big as Stormfront, its nearest competitor.

Many prominent conservatives have already joined Bunkr. Former White House policy advisor Stephen Miller says, “It’s my personal Valhalla!” “When I saw you had an Eagle’s Nest, I was so there,” says Madison Cawthorn (R.-N.C.)  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” says Steve Bannon.

So if you’re a Nazi, or just Nazi-curious — or if you believe in patriotic free speech so much that you’re not only willing to hang out with Nazis but are actually juiced to find out what you and they have in common — then get in the Bunkr right now!