The victory of the SJWs

Conservatives are such jerks I support snowflakery in protest

Jim Geraghty, snowflake. Photo (c) 2018 MisterFastbucks used under a Creative Commons License

There was one of those stupid stories in the news recently about how some SJWs -- for joy-poppers, that's "Social Justice Warriors," a derogatory term used by conservatives to mock liberals who are nice to people who cannot be financially useful to them -- had "banned clapping" at the University of Manchester in Britain.

Later I learned from Snopes that the school only meant to "encourage the use of British Sign Language (BSL) clapping during our democratic events to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all. We are not banning audible clapping — we understand that some people may be more comfortable to continue using it." So, just some mild inclusivity on a limited basis, then -- it's not like students were forbidden to clap at shows or games or such like.

But Rupert Murdoch's New York Post covered it as if it were Snowflake City. They quoted a Uni rep who explained "traditional clapping can be triggering for students with autism, sensory issues or deafness" — whoa, triggering, ha ha ha, those stupid SJWs always use that word — and then quoted derisive responses by, for some reason, an NFL free agent ("Clapping apparently causes anxiety for some, so no one should be allowed to clap") and Jeb Bush ("Not cool, University of Manchester. Not cool").

In other words, it was the usual SJWs WANT TO BAN JESUS! horseshit from douchebags who are constantly demanding pets and love because they have to tolerate someone making a choice for themselves and their own community of which they do not approve.

That's not how it's usually portrayed, I know -- normally the anti-SJWs insist the SJWs are the “snowflakes” always crying over something. But I've noticed that most stories like this are actually about conservatives crying over how bad the SJWs are treating them, rather than vice versa.

For example, at American Thinker we have a post claiming "Professor accusing Kavanaugh is radical SJW" -- a post which had to be corrected, because ace reporter Selwyn Duke had Christine Blasey Ford mixed up with a different Christine Ford. Whoever Duke was mad at, he let us know that person had been "party to an ACLU letter opposing President Trump's border enforcement efforts" and "actually donned a pink ‘brain p---- hat’ for a 2017 anti-Trump march." So, you see, she's like one of those snowflakes -- notwithstanding that she went on television before millions of people and gave details of her sexual assault, for which she received death threats. What a p——!

At Chicks on the Right we're told "The Playboy Club is Back, and SJW Are Losing Their Minds." Funny, I thought when I saw that, I haven't seen anyone among my many leftwing friends bitching about the Playboy franchise, which has actually been doing cool shit -- but it turns out the CotR is talking about exactly one guy, "Clark Wolf, a restaurant and food business consultant based in New York and California, [who] described the decision to reopen the club as 'completely tone deaf' given the push for greater gender equality." An expert in the field assessing the wisdom of a business decision -- whoa, triggered much snowflakes?

Or take this post at a typical low-rent incel site, One Angry Gamer (you can't get any more conservative than a Gamergate diehard with a blog!): "SJW MEDIA FLIP OUT CALLING BRIE LARSON’S SMILING MAKEOVER FOR CAPTAIN MARVEL 'SEXIST.'" Some guy apparently Photoshopped smiles on photos of Brie Larson as Capt. Marvel in which she had not originally been smiling. The post's understandably pseudonymous author reproduced tweets in which people said things to the guy like, "This is terrible. There was nothing to fix," and "What a sad life you must lead," and brief mentions on sites like Vox accurately referring to disseminators of these images as "sexist internet trolls.” This One Angry Gamer declared a big own for its side vs. the silly little straw-sissies who believe "smiling is sexist." That’ll show all those people enjoying a popular movie franchise and brushing us off who’s boss!

Have a look around yourself -- even at bigtime rightwing sites like National Review, they're snowflaking over the alleged snowflakes. Jim Geraghty jeers that "Nike figures out how to monetize the woke Social Justice Warrior crowd" by hiring Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman -- and he's right, they did: that hire has proven a enormous financial success. But Geraghty still portrays it as SJW silliness, as if Nike and Kaepernick had come before the public flailing and whining like Julia McSweeney as "Pat" on Saturday Night Live. For example, Geraghty attacks "the woke Social Justice Warrior crowd" for hypocrisy because Nike, whom they love so much they should marry them, runs sweatshops where "workers frequently faint from heat and exhaustion, and suffer wage theft." If you were wondering what could ever make a National Review columnist even pretend to give half a shit about foreign factory workers, there's your answer! Thus, Geraghty says, Nike "bought the loyalty of the woke Social Justice Warrior crowd," which makes them just as bad as conservatives like Jim Geraghty.

Now ask yourself: Is this the behavior of a winning movement? It looks more like pants-pissing tantrums to me. These guys have been coasting for years on their self-proclaimed butchness in the face of Pajama Boy SJWness -- but if you pay attention for even a minute, you’ll see they're the ones acting like sissies and howling like Brett Kavanaugh at a Senate hearing because someone was mean to them.

We hear over and over and over and over about ordinary Sons of the Sod who weren't going to vote for Trump but then, dadgum it, some liberal made them mad and now they're waving a Confederate flag and yelling Lock Her Up for the benefit of Cletus safaris from the New York Times. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm kind of a hardass myself when it comes to people affecting any kind of delicacy or Kumbaya shit -- I'm naturally suspicious that such people are trying to evade responsibility in some way, like hippies who can't get a job to help put food on the table because it's like a hassle, man. (So I sort of know where the wingnuts are coming from. Empathy: My secret weapon!) But by now I'm so fed up with conservatives blubbering about SJWs that, even if Manchester University had actually banned applause for the benefit of its students who are handicapped -- excuse me, disabled -- I'd say, good for them! Let’s ban some more shit to accommodate those weaker than ourselves — it’ll be a refreshing change of pace! Why should I get mad at some leftists who are bending over backwards to be nice to people when conservatives seem to be going out of their way to be assholes? Fuck it — I’ll accept all their stereotypical SJW nonsense, and then some; all I ask is that they let me have my guillotines.