I Claim My Right To Express My Mainstream Conservative Opinion in the New York Times, Part 2

By Hiram Galligash, Punkin County (S.C.) Tax Assessor

© 2019 Becker1999 (Paul and Cathy), used under a Creative Commons license

Onct more like I did last summer I am writin in this God Dam New York Slimes as is my rite as a AMERICAN to tell you stupid faggits and antifa & Black Lives Mater what I think about the Peoples Uprisin on January the 6th. An no mistake this time no stupid faggit proofreader is goin to twist my words like he did last time by pretending I cant spell and changing it all up to make it look like its ME thats stupid an the same gos for stupid ottocorreck

Last Wednesday was a beautiful expresion of what true Americans all over America believe which is presdent TRUMP is next to LORD god JESUS and Q and Jeb Davis and Larry the cable Guy the choice of AMERICANS and anyone who don't like it is a globalists pedofile. And when Nancy pelousy and chuck jewmer* try to steal the election we God Dam STOPT THE STEAL by taking back the peoples House and shown the bitch pelousy and the rest of them what we do to traders and cancel culture and black lives mater and every body who is not right with THE LORD an TRUMP

* I love Isreal

But we could not get to pelousy an the faggit trader pence and the rest of the warshinton faggits to kil them so they made us look bad by lieing that the pedofile we kiled was a Police Officier instead of a pedofile to make people feel all sorry for him boohoo when they should be happy we kilt him and save the children. An the pedofile gards kiled more patriots than we was able to kil. This is why we pooped on the flor to show you faggits we dont respect you and your communist democratcy you no George warshinton and Jeb Davis would poop on the flor to if they was with us which they was in spirit marching like the spirit of 76 in old cartoons except they was marchin in poop

But you stupid faggits and hors refuse to accept TRUMP WON and are tryin to cancel culture my friends and me by censoring my accounts on twitter and reddit and Nazi Mingle And now I here your faggit friends who run Big Business refuse to give money to TRUMP and the good men like Lauri Bobbbert and Josh Hawly and Ted Cruise but will give it instead to probly homos an imgrints an Black Lives Mater to make fbombs and riots with

So I send this email to the faggit at the New York SLIMES an say God Dam it you got to put me in your communist paper & let me tell every body in jew York an Chicago where what about black crime and San Francisgo where there is poop but not patriot poop like we put in the congress how much we hate them because this is are 1st amendmint rite just like it to be on twitter and that we will kil you in a big patriot event soon you herd me rite because we dint get you last time but there is nothin you can do about it because 1st amendmint and 2nd amendment to so suck it up snoflake

So good bye for now an KISS MY ASS sined a true AMERICAN ps go to my wifes etsy store an read your BIBLE