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The new guy

Jacket off

When Harvey smacked the hacks

Girl talk [resent]

Girl talk

Christmas at the edge of the abyss

U.S. Out of Everywhere

Never give a sucker an even break

Neighborhood watch

Jared fails again

This is hardcore, continued

Hair piece

A CoS Line

What if he's serious?

The forgotten man

Latest candidates for Chief of Staff

The one that got away



Disappointed office seeker

Don't Douthat

Travel advisory

Art for Fart's Sake

About Town

Getting with the Pogrom

This is Hardcore

Chile dog

A free and frank exchange of ideas

Trumpers with good taste

The John Allen Chau Society


Don't-need-to-know basis

Butch by proxy

How not to be a loser

Get thee behind me, Bezos

Trumpier than Trump

A little housekeeping

Victim shamming


A woke in the park

Pitching the President

Small victories

Why we fight

Last New York Times Bothsider Before Election

The emperor's new clowns

All the young droogs

A Trump exclusive! Must credit Trump!

When all you have is a Benedict Option

Some weekend

This Island Derp

The Philosopher King

...but I know what I like

Scenes from the last pre-election Trump rallies

Fake It Till You Make It

Hipster flophouses

Rejected ideas for Roseanne's death

Khashoggi and carry on

Good medicine

Jolly Coppers on Parade

Previous Presidential-Pop Star Press Conferences

Smells like team spirit

Enormous changes at the last minute

My Drudge Buddy

Compelled but not defeated

Period of adjustment

The victory of the SJWs

No, they're not kidding

Brother Rod is back in the carney

Little grifters

Beyond belief

Sticking the landing

Notes from Underground

What About Brett?

The Circus Without the Elephants

Memories of Da Mayor

Man power

Local color

Working class hero

The company they keep


Cold blooded

First symptoms


Dixie Shticks


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Making it look good

The men in the little white suits

Now vee may perhaps to begin. Yes?