Sitemap - 2019 - Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

Worst of 2019 #6: Impeachment panic

Worst of 2019 #7: Bezos gets a wingnut waiver

Worst of 2019 #8: Global Lukewarming


Have a Merry Christmas -- or don't!

Worst of 2019 #9: Rural rout

Worst of 2019 #10: The Kreepy Kids from Kovington

Hard times

Profiles in Derpage

The first and penultimate draft of President Trump's letter to Nancy Pelosi

The Semitic Shuffle

Hardcore no more

A learning experience

Cryin' Time

The state of play

A little something for your trouble

No apologies

Dork horse

Father and son

Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas

Thought I could fly, so I stepped off the Hardcore


The day after

Hell yes, have a fight for Thanksgiving

A White Working Class Whisperer Look-In

A change in the program

Dark days at the Winter White House

No, enemies on the Left

Checking in on Holy Rod

Hardcore, this is

The Night They Drove Chick-fil-A Down

Special treatment

The Out of Towners

You's a educated fool

Racist with an explanation

Return to the Winter White House

Going away

The conclave

Public spiritualism

Never Trust a Republican

Tears of a Tycoon

Another glorious victory

Hellhound on my trail

Forest Gump

"Civility": Still a racket

Trump among the base

Yes, Blood for Oil

Not dark yet

The Pet Rock Sinks

The anti-Hillary, literally


Where the fish are biting

Deal with it

A gas from the past

The next wave in conservative TV

Tough love for our country cousins

Throne and Alt-right

Dribbling rivalry

I see the shapes, I remember from maps

A little trip down south

Hardcore Du Jour


Turns out I'm 100% Hardcore

Civilization Defense


Contagion of the Cities

Ray of Light

Caen Spree


Offered in evidence

Riddley Hardcore

Around town

Crisis manglement

Metallic B.O.

The night visitor

What is it that we're livin' for, Hardcore, Hardcore

On Seeing

And then there were ten

The Family Juuls

Return of the Black Triangle

Fall Breaks and Back to This is Hardcore

Around town

Joe Biden's last campaign

You pays your money and you takes your choice

Emergency measures

This is Hardcore Fall Line

Don't you kill nobody if you can help it

Back to schooldays


In praise of the mob

Ol' Joe takes a meeting

Goodbye to all that

This is Hardcore in a reflective mood

Bunker Mentality

The Envoy

Neurosis makes a comeback

The conservative "1619"

Top Republican challengers, 2020

This Is Hardcore - now with the Viguerizer!

The Disembraining

The formula

Poet in New York

Caen Spree

Droid's conversion experience

The Right to Be Forgotten

The Old Man and the Sheesh

Retro naught

The Game of Racism

The undercard underperforms

Score one for the home team

Get out of my chair

Don't fall for it

Don't be "scared"

The further adventures of This Is Hardcore

Getting the bund back together

Ain't that America

A silver lining

Dylan meets with Gherkin

This Week's Top Ten!

A visit from DOJ

Try it this way

Hitler's Willing Elocutionists

The return of This Is Hardcore!

Hurry Sundown

The bad dog

Plan B (and C)(and D)

Right wing mood swing in DC

In a valedictory vein

Fuck Trump Happy Fourth

A matter of national senility

Executive planning committee

Spoilers and cheater slicks

Introducing President Harris!

Help me out here

The contender

The farmer and the cowhand

A bad day


That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Zito's second act

Time and the Reverb

Joe Biden presses the flesh

Crybaby capitalists


Mick hits the wall

The way they tried to do in the last centuries

Culture war collateral damage

Hardcore, Huh, Goddamn Y'all, What Is It Good For

Cool Rockin' Dummy

Performance review

Fan service for hoopleheads

Playing nice

Dylan and the American Beneficence Symposium

Drooling at the prospect

A Puzzlement

Happy holiday

Dylan and his roommate watch TV

And it's one, two, three, what are we hardcore?

The play's the thing, Part 2

The play's the thing, Part 1

There'll always be an England

Whether you want it or not

Mermaid's Law

Like a big pizza pie, that's Hardcore-ey

Donnie and Ronnie

Around town

Company man

Punishment detail

A thousand pardons

I'll Ring, I'll Roar, I'll Sing Hardcore

Stop making sense

Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony, advance transcript

And so This is Hardcore, and what have you done?

Call the doctor

Fever chart

Seems like old times

Blood and Crabgrass

Reversal of Fortune

The 10 Great American Rhetorical Questions, Ranked

This is Hardcore, lightning strikes every time it moves

Goodbye again

Oh and of course...

Not Helping

The Name of the Rosacea

Nostalgie De La 9/11

This is Hardcore, Yeah Yeah, This Is!

The Passion of the Christ: This Time It's Personal

Caen Spree

Around his way

Fash of the Titans

Evilly Blonde

This is hardcore -- now backed by science!

Trans plants

Beyond the reach of journalism

Goin' south

The national health

DC rambler

Out our way

Lizard People

Sarah Jones at the Freedom Alliance

The grass is riz

When Thomas Jefferson dined alone

A salesman is got to dream, boy

A nutpicker gets picky

Attack of the Killer Snowflakes

A visit from an old friend

Just a joke, man

White in the streets

This is hardcore, my only friend, hardcore

The Royal Family

The way you make me feel

The New Nixon

Dylan and Trundle at the office

Rise of the Übertrumpers

GOP on crusade

Just Like Before This is Hardcore Once More

Morals rap

A historic summit, Part 4

A historic summit, Part 3

A historic summit, Part 2

A historic summit

How I deplore your liberal elitism

A little good news

For export only

This is hardcore, a continuing series

Amazon comes to Fritters, Alabama, Part II

Amazon comes to Fritters, Alabama

The Wall: Plan B

The next wave of war criminal appointees

Droid goes home

This is Hardcore, Now More Than Ever

Not responsible by reason of stupidity

Introducing The Bulshit

Dispute revolution process

The State of the Union, Microdosed

State of the Union Advance Transcript

This is hardcore, still

Shun and shame and scorn and spite

Trump's Gameday

Can we eat the rich yet?

Jesus, freak

Nostalgie de la buffet

A word from Dod Rreher

Change of venue

Opening statement by Mr. Nick Sandmann at his confirmation hearing

This is hardcore, part infinity

Walk on

By any means necessary

Hard to be human again

Junk food for thought

This is hardcore: A continuing series

Gone with the Wind

Lady, I just don't have the time

House call

Wank like a man

They just can't quit her

Wall mart


Getting the bland back together

This is hardcore: Latest in a series

Fuck off, Gramps