Sitemap - 2021 - Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

Hardcore goes health-conscious

Breaking the spell


Forever Rushmore

Whither Brandonism? A Reporter's Notebook

Tidings of comfort and joy

A Time for Choosing

The big shift


I put a spell on you

Method actor

I just can’t decide

Never scared

Family style

The Stupid Party

A Place For Us

Sent it last night!

Days of Future Past

Why Democrats Should Listen to City Slickers (Part II)

Why Democrats Should Listen to City Slickers (Part I)

One man's meh

Capturing the Crumbleys

I got a new complaint

As night follows day

COVID Courtastrophy

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

The Tucker Carlson Nobody Knows

You don't wanna know


Country honk

Movin' on up

Scenes from the “Rittenhouse: That’s The Way It Is.”

Pass Time

Nothing to talk about

Operation Overlord

A New Attitude

Rebellion into money

Shit talk

En bunk

Through being cruel

Forbidden Courses Revealed!

Big Romantic Stuff

One on the I’ll

Race, to the bottom

A Heavy Dose of Hardcore

Last minute real-people testimonials

Like You Stole It

Children of the Corn


The State of Cancelcultureism

Sick, sick, sick

A matter for the committee

Evie O, O

That's What The New Breed Say

Rebel tell

Spiel slowly and see

Time heals all woo

All you culture scolds bound to lose

Hardcore on the anti-vaxxer tip

The A-hole-Word

Further adventures in Trumpservatism

Trumpism becomes conservatism

Forward, Marsh

Family portrait

Remain calm

Gag reflex

Down for the whole thing

Too much ain't enough

Performance review

Applause, Applause

Hardcore Hardcore Where’s My Guardian Angel

Points of interest

Old Home Week

This Rules

Offering his services

It's a pogrom!

The only logical response

Killer clowns

Try, try again

Beyond the holler

Play caller

The stand-up pundit

The last 9/11

History lessen

Something for the boys

Ride of your life

Notice: Comments are back on

Why'm I hitting myself?

Fake it 'till you make it

Trying to keep it quiet

Free speech hero stands up, figuratively, to the Left

Republicans speak out on Afghanistan

This little light of mine

The Boys are Back in Town

Plighting their troth

Fortunate Son

All ye beasts of the field, come to devour

Around the way

The man of the hour

Off the record

The Extendibles

Hearts and Memes

Coffee break over, everyone back on your heads


The ultimate free speech platform

Power Play

A plea from a free-speech warrior

Love-biting the hand that feeds them

Cowboy junkies

A message from the Governor

Get Your Hardcore, Tell 'Em I Ain't Layin' Low

Elite Like Me

The Loyal Opposition

Hold fast

Hello Meemaw, Get Me Rewrite

Meh Struggle

Good to the last Q drop

Pound Salk

Caen Spree 2021

Days of future passed

A case of the Smithers

Vaxx Populi

Laying low

Hardcore in the Summertime

The crass ceiling

Horst Wessel Hoedown

Cuba Sígh

Against orders

Darkness visible

Getting the story straight

Date rap

Back to the drawing board

Bang on

The Pretender


Future deployments

Statement of support

Grand reopening

The narrative hunters

Hurry Hardcore

A glorious victory

Get out the metal rulers

Joy on Juneteenth

The cars that eat people

That'll show 'em

Just a closer walk with HARDCORE

Apology tourette's

The No Normal

Can't talk his way out of this one

Treat the rich!

Communication breakdown

New blood

Say what you mean

The Land of Make-Believe

The East is Rod

Q lays out the Coup

Family business

New covenant

Sense of life

Har de Hardcore

Copsucker Blues

New State of Texas History Teaching Module

El Dorado

No Argument

Upcoming Texas Anti-Abortion Laws

Bro talk

Bunker boy

A shot and a fear

The Return of the Just-The-Tip Trumpers

And you want somebody to love

Suspicious minds

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Enough to make you sick

A Paid Political Announcement

A Simple Question

Back in business

Career opportunities

Message discipline

Fox News reviews the President's address

Mask off

A second conversation with James Carville

Red meat

Kissing your cousin through a screen

Fuck the Founders

Listen to the warm

Let justice be done

Andrew at the office

Final Exit

Peggy's last spin

Served cold

J.D. Vance's Day

The next round of police excuses for killing unarmed black men

The latest celebrity New York mayoral candidates

How Dylan got into politics

Why vote? and other great thoughts

Never the twain

My father Matt Gaetz is a wonderful man who is innocent of all charges

A League of Their Own

Horseman pass by

Playing for time

Hardcore break!

Solving the world's problems

Trading Post

Building a mystery

Old Ham-Face is Back

Straight to the top

Recent conservative intellectual positions, briefly condensed

Fern in the Bardo

Counting the days

The real victim

He's just saying what we're all thinking

Unveiled: Republican media strategy document!

No Thanks for Your Service

Madea Meets Meghan and Morgan

Making it

Conversion therapy

Fake One for the Team

Hidden dangers, divisions seen in Biden walking-on-water "stunt"

Talking point guide

Another opportunity wasted

Cancel culture killed my dog

A message from your friends in the press

Reading something into it

Pommes de terror

Tossed salad and scrambled eggs

Small Time Secessionists

While supplies last

Texas Fold'em

Family reunion

A fitting tribute

More Texas Mayors React To Lazy Citizens Demanding Essential Services

Message from the John Bitch Society

Revolutionary rode

Pop quiz!

Almost too much

Sent it early, hope ya like it!

Opening defense statement in the so-called impeachment

Dylan and Donovan Watch TV, II

This time for sure

For I will consider my cat Ciroc

By the horns

Biden vs. the Creeps

Come let us reason together

Young Guns, Accent on the Guns

Afternoon in Elba

That's what the new breed say


All dressed up

The story so far


A return to the private sector

Consider the alternative

Sure, Let's Talk to the Trump People Once Again, Why Not, by Someone at the New York Times

Last-minute business

Today on Craigslist

Do I look like I'm negotiating?

Bari among the people

I Claim My Right To Express My Mainstream Conservative Opinion in the New York Times, Part 2

Plan B

Fuck Josh Hawley's Book Deal

Doomed to repeat

Repeat offenders

Look Back in Nausea, Part III

Look Back in Nausea, Part II

Look back in nausea