Sitemap - 2022 - Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

The Year in Suck #1: From Never Trump to Forever Trump

The Year in Suck #2: Cyber soreheads

The Year in Suck #3: Retro Homophobia

The Year in Suck #4: 10-4get about it

The Year in Suck #5: Square wave

Have a Cold War liberal Christmas!

That's what the new breed say

Fresh out of friends

Sounds like a You problem

Have a holly jolly hardcore

Fake it till you break it

Change of plans

A Report from the Committee

A sad case

Conspiracy without the Theory

The next voice you hear

The clearing of the benches

Did you get today's issue?

Top Challengers for Speaker of the House

Good news for John Bolton

The benefit of no doubt

Tamping down the Führer

Strange Weirdos

Casting call

The Slaving Remnant

I have this thing where I get hardcore

Less than zero

Iron Mansgiving

Newly-Never-Trumpers on Parade

When in Rome

Alex gets with it

The Frist 100 Days

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Scary Monsters

The contender

A Republican agenda for 2023 and beyond

Three swells

Stray thots post-election

Could be worse, and was

Every day is election day

Look out below

The fash whisperer

Retro Birchers

Hardcore Election Special!

Character assassination

"Hate Speech IS Free Speech"

New Twitter free speech policy explained

Culture of complaint

Dorothy Parker Considers 2022

What is Hip?

A Tale of Two Shitheels

Good chemicals

L’Envoi, Baby, and Amen

When the Hardcore is Not Enuf

He Stupes to Conquer

Race Card

B.O. Plenty

The Changing of the Arrgh

Easy to be hard

Night of 1,000 Stars

The bad seed

What’s worst for everyone

GOP Herschel Walker Defenses, Part I

Southern Strategy

Herschel, Ham-Face, and the end of "Enough"

The dream will never die

A Call to Arms

Unqualified immunity

A hitch in the hardcore

This year's girl

It all adds up

Indecent proposal

Adams agonistes

Identity politics

Palsy Walsy

Jubilate Ag-go-go

Grand Troll Party

Last-minute arrangements for the mourning period

Something up his sleeve


Employee review

Pwn to queen


Tomorrow's "News" today

Hardcore Hardcore where's my guardian angel

Oopsie, sent the Monday post early

Why would Joe Biden do this?

To take the chalk and make a mark

Flores Para Los Muertos

TV Dimmer

Stone drag

Rotting from the head

The Shape Of Things To Come

You Kids Get Off My Loan!


Making you see reason

Get yourself some cake

The Mar-a-Lago

Hard of my hardcore

The new tech boom bust

Visiting hours

Generation Gap

Things to come

Hard hard of the hardcore

They just fade away

The Age of Half-Loafs


Derplomatic Immunity

Their own petard

Meeting the talent

You just wanna party you just wanna hardcore

Behind the grocery bags

E pluribus a-hole

Jesus Hates You

Come let us reason together

I got my head out the hardcore

Listen To the MAGA People

Won’t get fooled again

First Deformed

Dersh comes around

Skin Trade

You said you hardcore but you ain't that hardcore

But Who’s Buying?

GOP rapid response fields a tough one

Drury Lame

Restored to faith

Hemmings and Hawings

Working the hustings

A query on cancelculture

My unbortion

The New York Times Moderationist Magazine

The rockets’ red glare

I Am The Great Hardcore-io

The mighty never fell

What's coming

Pissant v. Dissent

Winsome, Lose Some

Written on the body

Introducing Cahiers du Sinema

Hold me close hardcore never let me go

The video game of politics

Or we shall all hang separately


Candid camera

Ragtime cowboy Ben

I would like you to do me a favor

The other side of the ledger

Flak-catching the Mau Maus

New whine in old bottles

The Dicemen Cometh

I am the great Hardcore-io

At home with the liberal media

Gross Roots

Johnny Depp's forthcoming projects

Bench press

The great man addresses the issue of the day

Decoration Day

When the levee breaks


The killer elite

The boss on the couch

Let us clasp hands o'er the bloody chasm

The way I heard it

I Can Put You In Hardcore

The great commencement cancelculture scare of 2015

Last call

Back in the streets

Real men post cringe

The Eternal Real Victims

The Virgil Scoot I Knew

They'd really rather you didn't

Talented tint

Holding me back, hardcore is holding me back

Why I, As a Libertarian, Think You’re Silly To Worry About Your So-Called Abortion Rights

If you want to beat the devil

A Little Help From My Friends

What it takes


The Next 3 Statements Marjorie Taylor Greene Will Deliver at the Behest of the Leprechaun Who Tells Her to Burn Things

My Gethsemane (Except Worse)

The Boer and the Bird

At home, abroad

Just a reminder

Endorsin' rush

Advisory: Service interruption

Old Mr. Rogers and Young Mr. Lincoln

A free and frank exchange of ideas

Today Disney, Tomorrow Kundun

Hardcore in the sky, hardcore in my eyes

Sorry for the repeated posts, repeated posts

A New Low for Ham Face

A mere dispute over tactics

Merchant declined

With a Cossack spin

First Projects from Ben Shapiro’s Family Entertainment Company Revealed

We Don't Talk About Hardcore

Back to Bowers v. Hardwick

Excerpts from the missing January 6 calls

Positively the last convoy post

About last night

My Oscar Predictions are ready!

Thrums of the Desert

Brown noosing

Truckered out

Sorry it was late

Broken song, empty words I know

Hard Hard Core I'm Swimmin' in a Mirror

Backup plan

Two weeks of truck nuts

1-2-3 Hardcore

Maddy's on a bummer

Ulster Boy

The Flesh Failures

Nix on that "Rendezvous with Destiny"

The Trucker Carlsons, five days in

A free and frank exchange of ideas

Spin psycho

If it ain’t broke, don’t "innovate"

Icon men

Eastern Promises

Comedy clinic

Hallmark Moments

Last-minute additions to the CPAC agenda

Right turn, Clyde

Heart to heart

Their Bloody Vladentine

Vox Derpuli

From Victim-Shaming to Victim-Claiming

Aphorismo: The Return

Love is All Around


Today's topic

The Drama of the Gifted Child

The Phoney Pandemic

That's entertainment

About to put the hammer down

Pitching a fit

Mixed doubles

The Last Laugh

Farewell to the hot fantasy

Heavenly Hillsdale

The Wari Beiss School for Future Rightwing Celebrities

Living With War

Keepin' the young'uns safe

We been hardcore, wreckin' cars

Candy from a baby

Sigh, yet another early delivery

The New Deal

Cancel culture run amok

Joke books

Did it again!

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The violent burble away

Valley girl

It Only Takes a Moment

Picture This

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Show, don’t ‘splain

The day of January 6th

It's a living

Career moves

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