Sitemap - 2020 - Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

Working on a wow finish

A free and frank exchange of views

It Was Never About Him



Try, try again

Dare to Be Stupid

Loyalty test

We Need a Little Christmas

Fuck you: A Disquisition

Doing business

Some thoughts on The Carol Burnett Show

A few drinks after work

God's Mob

Come let us reason together

Sproing! Awakening

Could be worse

Boys' Night In

Hollywood ending

The Lost World

Third Act Turnaround

Brilliant disguise

Never say never

Going around and coming around

Your Black Friday Deals

Thanks for not being a psycho

Hillbilly Effigy

While It's Fresh In Our Minds

The Nightcomers

People get ready

Veep Shakes

Shake it off

Chemical imbalance

Goon squad

Cody Safari

Peep show

Kid Twist


Goodbye, President Scumbag

Weird Scenes Inside the Troll Mine, Part 2

Weird Scenes Inside the Troll Mine

A Pause for Drinks with Dylan and Baak

Just do it

2020 Republican Strategy, Final Days, Part 3

The 2018 midterms and next Tuesday

2020 Republican Strategy, Final Days, Part 2

Year Zero

No fooling

The Last Meeting of the Council to Reopen America

Second time as farce

2020 Republican Strategy, Final Days, Part 1

Sex and the Single Spotlight

The Entertainer

Patriot games

I Remember Rudy

Family time

The Last Days of the Winter White House

A defense of Judge Godlywench

Oh, a wise guy, huh?

Key Mar-a-Lago

Sent it early

Vice Versa

A walk in the White House

Eighth Month, or what you will

Bug chasers

The hardiest hardcore

Trump's Alleged Race Gaffe Proof of Media Malfeasance

Early release!

Shitshow in review

Debate prep

You are in their prayers

And that's the news

A plea for toleration

Feast Day

Executive privilege

A doubtful gleam of solace lives

Patriotic American History Education Module #1

Another election season Hardcore edition

Lord of the Files


A free and frank exchange of views

A little good news

A stillness at 9/11

The Neo-Know-Nothings

Cop out

Remarks by President Trump on Critical Race Whatchamacallit That We’re Getting Rid Of Pronto

Monday miscellany

Baby steps

This Asshole Again

Message discipline

Happy Go Lucky

9/11 180°

Sweet last draughts of summer

A Star is born

Nuke it from orbit

And Learn All You Should Know

Anita's Way

See you Monday

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Our editorial “Does This Insolent, Oddly-Named Negress Think She Can Fool Decent Americans?” Has Nothing To Do With Racist Birth-er-ism

No reason to believe

Vice vice baby

Opus Duh

High command

Sure, He's Evil But I Just Can't Commit

Don't even bother to pretend

Ring my friend, I said you'd call

A possible explanation

Not a Second Time

Get well soon

Do Not Break The Chain

Witchy woman

2020: Return of This Is Hardcore!

City shticker

Don't you remember?

"Joe Biden's America"

I can't live without rageahol!

The next big thing

Working in a new act

Sprung rhythm

The Dickhead That Exploded

The Mesopotamian Candidate

Cancel culture my ass

Bounded in a nutshell

The Big Binary

Family meeting

Hitler Youth Happy Hour

Not your campaign operative

Garden party

Patriotic fervor

It never will be sold

Watchman, What of the White?

In the event

A plea for harmony

Old home week

I love you just the way you are

The pitch

Difficult woman

What works

A meeting with the boss

If only there was something I could have done

The Muppets meet Black Lives Matter

The Return of John Barron

Whose streets?

Don't need a weatherman


There's something happening here

And That's The Way It Is

The young folks work on the big problem

Singing down Babylon

I Claim My Right To Express My Mainstream Conservative Opinion in the New York Times

Holding the line

All these things will I give thee


Justice, peace

It all adds up

Speech code

Speech code

Watching the defectives

Dead Butch

Getting the -gate

The Song of the Summer

A little favor

Truthers then and now

The imaginary invalid

Good times, bad times

Learning the game

Fast out of the Obamagate

Creeped out

Special guest star

Routine maintenance


The Emperor Mike

Feeling it

Trouble in American Samoa

Opening up

Facts are not enough

Rist's intern, Baldren the Gdrdlr

Write your own Salena Zito column!

Gosh All Fish Hooks!

Mistress Maisie... and the Boys

How it works

Nostalgie de la Boulevard

Who's in charge here

Too Rich to Kill

The Royal Couple at Home

Live free and die

The doctor is in

The Prattle Hymn of the Derpublic

Stuck in the middle

The best and the brightest

Counting time

The high and the low

As bad as me

Exit interview

A COVID-19 Fable

Hey I did a little podcast type thing

Special guest billionaire

Your lying eyes

Your 2¢: Did we always suck?

From The Where Are They Now File

Meeting across the Potomac

Five o'clock world


Coronavirus Party People

Phantom of the GOPera

One Weird Trick

Spring ahead

Fictive Friday

Trump Hunt


Strategy session

Dispatches from the Phoney War

In sickness and in health

Journal of the Plague Year

"Coronavirus: Catch It!"

The Long Game

Oh hi, Mark


New worlds to conquer

The NeverTrumper's Lament

Every heart beats true

The other side

Bug chasers

Strategy session

Comments back on for "Sorry, I Shrunk the Debate"

Sorry, I Shrunk the Debate

Red assed

Among the hoi polloi

Empathy, such a lonely word

Let's get 20th Century

Master Donald and the Boys

Karen Nation

The spoiler

Ground rules

Call the doctor

Bro like me

The party left me

But really, they're all winners

Private stashes

The spoiler

NeverTrump no more

Ardent for some desperate glory

Women's Day

These are people of the land, the common clay

Why so serious?

Panic crying

The latest revelations

Crossing the line

Meanwhile, back at the bunker

The Two Ronnies

Rabbit Punch

MLKing it

Keeping vigil

The monks

Meeting cut short

Your best interests at heart

Outtakes from the New York Times editorial board interview with Bernie Sanders

We all make mistakes

The Dream Factory

The Formula, Revisited

Running for dollars

Special delivery

Post mortem

Worst of 2019 #1: Lock 'em up

Worst of 2019 #4, #3, and #2

Worst of 2019 #5: Fast-food fascism